Cloaked Cryptoterrestrial Probes Soldier’s Brain!!!

Stanley Watson

The following is the first in a series of special cases that deal exclusively with single, fascinating life. The life in question, who will henceforth be referred to as Stanley Watson (a pseudonym), is now working with the Inverted Labyrinth in an effort to determine the true nature of the bizarre phenomena that has afflicted him since he was approximately four months old. Mr. Watson, a machinist by trade, is a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan as well as a proud father. Be forewarned: Beyond the realm of far-flung conjecture; outside the reinforced margins drawn in pixels and in ink - people you know have experiences just like these.

Coleman Barracks

Coleman Barracks, Germany

In 2002, a then twenty year old Stanley Watson was living at an army base a mile outside of the German city of Mannheim. Although Watson himself was an infantryman in good standing with the U.S. Army, a majority of the base’s inhabitants were prisoners of what is officially known as the ‘U.S. Army Confinement Facility-Europe; the only such (known) facility in Continental Europe. However, it was not the dubious mix of Army, Air Forces, Marine & Navy inmates that troubled young private Watson one night “30 seconds” after he had gotten into his bunk. Rather, it was the soft tapping (“like a compact disk”) on the pane of his small rectangular barracks room window that would come to define the soldier’s memory of his time in a Germany…




Eyewitness drawing of intruder’s “head”


Dr. Rick Strassman, in his groundbreaking investigation into the effects of DMT on the human mind, describes working with a test subject who related an experience eerily similar to the one recounted by Stanley Watson. Strassmen’s subject, a thirty-seven year old school teacher, was injected with a dose of DMT while laying (eyes covered) on a hospital bed in the University of New Mexico Hospital’s General Clinical Research Center. The school teacher described a host of peculiar “…clinical researchers probing into [his] mind,” during the climax of his chemically induced hallucination. But while encounters with otherworldly entities are not at all uncommon in the annals of DMT lore, one particular activity these intangible beings engaged in was noteworthy. “There were sort of long fiber-optic things that they were putting into my pupils,” said the man. It seems Stanley Watson is not alone.


            laser eye


While the possibility of a spontaneous DMT release is certainly one explanation for what occurred to Stanley Watson, his unsettling story contains certain elements that appear to transcend the sort of experiences Dr. Strassmen documented. What, for example, was tapping at the window, and (perhaps more intriguing) what ran away across the barracks parking lot after the procedure was complete? Strassmen noted that the dosage level at which subjects tended to experience these alien entities is typically accompanied by a complete disconnect from the location inhabited by their physical body at the time of the trip (i.e. the hospital room). What are we to make, then, of a DMT-like experience that takes place in a decidedly earthbound locale; say, a barracks? If, as Strassmen and others suggest, these DMT entities occupy an objective (albeit usually invisible) landscape, then might it be possible for such entities to somehow cross over into our realm, as we sometimes do into theirs?

       DMT alien

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